First world problems and perspective

Gratitude turns what we have into enoughYou know that feeling when you want complain about something mundane and then you start think about how ridiculous it actually is, comparing to real issues.

That annoying feeling you get, when you can’t decide what to watch since there’s just too many good programs on Netflix – much crap also. Or when you don’t know what kind of coffee you want to drink; because you could need the jolt of the espresso but you’d like to treat yourself to a Caffè Mocha with extra whipped cream – nevermind the calories in it. You want to bitch about it, but really deep down, you know you are being an idiot.

I’m thinking, that today my life must be in quite good order, if the biggest decision I have to make is deciding if I’ll write an office lemon in my story or not.

Today I saw a discussion about gratitude, hence the picture in this post.

I started thinking about it and I can say that I’m grateful for what I have; it’s not much, but it’s certainly enough. Of course, I could always do with a better salary, nicer car or a faster computer…  I’m only human after all.

But I’m grateful that the relatives took my words to heart and got me Christmas gifts from Unicef, winterclothing for refugees in Syria to be exact. Yes, that was their gift to me – giving money to Unicef. I honestly prefer it to any package of crap that’ll just clutter my kitchen/livingroom and/or add to the already numerous inches around my waist and thighs.

Yes, I did specifically ask for those donations. Why? Did you know they got snow there (in Syria) a few weeks back? The refugees live in tents; the kids haven’t even got shoes or socks on their feet. You do the math.

That damned Caffè Mocha seems a bit luxurious now, maybe I’ll settle for a café au lait.

From another friend I got a Kiva loan do give. Yesterday, I was scrolling through the website trying to decide to whom I will give the loan. It breaks my heart, the needs of people out there. Some are trying to get money fo get doors and windows to their houses. Someone else is hoping to pay for a cow to get milk, another wants a few goats. And at the same time there are people out there (not on Kiva I assume) complaining that their 40″ flat screen TV is not big enough. I mean really?

With the resources I have, I try to help. If many help a little, you know, the small streams make a river. And in the end of the day, I know I can sleep with a peaceful mind knowing I’ve tried.

Getting my links right, I strolled off to the local Red Cross website and the first text that popped up was “Up to 850 000 families have been forced to leave their homes in the Philippines because of the typhoon Haiyan”.

Oh fuck it, I’ll just brew my own coffee and give a bit more to charity. And no, l can’t function without coffee – another first world problem I assume.

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