It ain’t over until…

Damn. I’m fucking exhausted. Here I was thinking that as we got the keys to the new place two weeks early, everything would go easily.

Yeah well, I hadn’t calculated life taking up this much time. You know, all that go to work and send kids to hobbies crap, that leads to the fact that we’ve got 9 days before the movers come, we have barely finished painting the rooms that we wanted to paint (not to mention changing our mind about painting one room) and eventhough we have been packing away stuff it feels like we still have about 98% unpacked.


Last night I was watching Die Hard 4.0, as it happened to be on, when I finally say down and turned on the TV. Just perfect entertainment in this state of mind btw. Oh, if you haven’t seen it, and don’t want a major spoiler, I’d suggest you stop reading right about now. Or you can jump the following paragraph, as you wish.

Anyway… I’m just thinking, man John McClane is tough. The man survives gas explosions, being thrown through windows, falling with some military airplane (MIG?) and at and all that kinds of stuff… and then to top it off, he goes and fucking shoots himself! Or technically, he shoots through himself, to get the bad guy. Yippikayyee motherfucker. Bad guy dies, McClane ends up with a bandaid on his shoulder and a minor limp.

But you’ve got to love Bruce Willis, right?

So there I was enjoying my quiet time playing a couch potato for a few hours. The film ended and I changed the channel. What can you expect to find on TV at midnight on Saturday, well of course some… um… action. You know what I mean right? 😉

Picture found on Pinterest

Lo and behold! I stayed awake watching Die Hard, but when it turned into some naked action I fell asleep and almost fell of the god damned couch. That’s the level of beat I am at the moment.

And…. Now I’ve totally forgot what else it was I was going to write about.


Well, it probably wasn’t that important since this post has been 99,5% junk anyway.

I wish you all a good night, and a great monday and the rest of the week! Stay strong! Spring is coming!

…the fat lady sings.


2 thoughts on “It ain’t over until…

  1. I love all the “Die Hard” movies…..I believe I have all of them. I understand about moving. My husband and I moved to our new place back in October and just not got the spare room,living room and his office painted. Still unpacking things hidden in closets….

    1. IKR!? I know we have the first 3 Die Hard movies, but not quite sure if we have the 4.0. Either way, I haven’t seen it more than twice. S’all good 🙂

      Yeah, and I’m sure after x years we’ll still be unpacking something. And I’ll be seriously questioning myself that why do we keep that junk, if no one has needed it for this long.
      There’s that rule isn’t there? If you don’t need something in six months, you don’t need it?
      – Does not apply, btw, I haven’t needed my skis in ten years but still I was happy to have them last winter when we went to ski with the kid.

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