Melting in the heat

Yes, it is summer and I know, that I’m not supposed to complain, but damn it’s hot. I live in Finland, and let’s face it, anywhere above 20 degrees Celsius is really warm, so when it goes to + 30 C it’s agony. People on Facebook are pointing out that we should stop our bitching, because let’s face it, 16 more weeks and we’ll probably be shoveling snow.

Maybe it’s the heat that’s melting my brain, but I can’t stop listening to Weird Al Yankovic’s Word Crimes. Love this song!

No X in Espresso
Weird Al Yankovic – “Word Crimes”

I hope I’m not doing too many of those crimes, because most of them bug me beyond belief. I prefer this to the original song, actually.

Anyway, back to my rambling. It’s been months since I’ve blogged anything, sorry about that btw, because life has been insane. Ok, I didn’t die under a pile of boxes while moving, but it took a month or two before we got them emptied (and no I’m not talking about those untouched ones that hide in the basement.). All of that mixed with crazy busy work and kids’ hobbies, not to mention my writing muse jumping at me with a sledgehammer… Well, you get the picture. May and June were insane.

My fanfiction stories currently on Sunsets, A Strange Dinner, Fifty Shades of Christmas, Paradise and Fifty Shades by the Pool
My fanfiction stories currently on Sunsets, A Strange Dinner, Fifty Shades of Christmas, Paradise and Fifty Shades by the Pool

If you are following me on Fanfiction you might have read my new stuff, not just Sunsets and the Christmas one shot that’s also posted over here. I’m in awe to the reception of these new stories. Humbled and happy that people are enjoying the fruits of my labor (always wanted to use that phrase). I find my self more and more playing with the idea of sending my work to a publisher, just to see what they would say. Self-publishing is also tempting, but then there’s a ton of other issues to tackle. And the biggest of my problems that still remains unsolved, is the lack of time. I’m thinking 24 hours more per day wouldn’t be enough.

Picture from www.confessionsofabookaddict.comI’ve been on vacation for the last few weeks, and as I thought not having to work would free up time to write, it has done the opposite. All muses were totally silent for weeks, but luckily now as the last week of vacation is coming to an end, they’ve finally raised their voices again. Maybe recharging my batteries while laying on the beach with my feet in the sand has helped too.

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