Winning myself

I want to share this as I’m sure everyone struggles with themselves sometime. I did, and I conquered! I can’t remember when I’d struggled this much and won.

Background… During the weekend we drove to my folks’ cabin, where they had cut down a few large-ish trees. As the good daughter *shameless bragging*, I took my men (husband and kids) and set up to help my dad aka grandpa to get the trees cut and moved to the vicinity of the shed.


Feeling strong, empowered by my new bright coral nailpolish, I took charge of the chainsawing. Quite a few hours later, the tree is in pieces and carried/rolled away. Somewhere half way, I start feeling the strain in my legs, back and arms. Pain is good. At least I know I’ve done something, right? Way ergonomic btw to be cutting a tree lying on the ground, not!

Way after sunset, we drive back home (1,5 hours) just to shower and sleep, as following morning I have to be at work 8am. You can guess it, right? Morning comes, and I’m crushed. Every-ffffffin-thing hurts. But that doesn’t matter, off to work I go.

More or less everything aches, and atleast my back was becoming worse as I was sitting most of the day. Tried standing for an hour, but came to the realization that my legs hurt too.

By Monday evening I just want to crawl into bed with a box of chocolates and a book and feel sorry for myself.

Dog tired.


Monday is my official evening off from the kids sleeping hassle as I have a reggaeton class. I change into my gymgear, all the time (internally) whining that I don’t want to go. I fill my waterbottle, the bad is almost winning over the good.

Good vs. Evil

I get to the car, realize that I’m probably already late. I can still go back home, right? But then I’d lose the class. I start the car and drive. At this point I’m STILL fighting myself. Make a U turn in the next crossing, or the one after. If I’m late, I’ll just drive home. The lazy in me keeps whispering and doesn’t shut up until I arrive at the school and park, on time. I leave the lazycrazy in the car and make my way to class.


Victory! The class was good, ok, PAINFUL and I was by far not giving it 100%, but I still. I’m very proud of myself, because lord knows how many times I’ve just succumbed to the lazy/bad voice telling me to just stay at home and sugarrush.

This post might win The most useless post of the year-award, but that’s fine.

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