When the kids are away

by Henrika F

A writing prompt with this picture, thank you Rachel 🙂

“Bye mom! See you tomorrow.” The front door slams shut and I peak through the curtains and see our teenager running with her friend to catch the bus to the movie theatre. With a strange emotion brewing somewhere deep within my chest I pick up the dishes and load the washer.

I wipe off the counter lost in the to-do list of the weekend and jump as Andrew walks up behind me.

“She left?” He asks wrapping his arms around me and kissing my neck gently.

“Yup, and she won’t be back until tomorrow.” I answer.

“So we have the house for ourselves then?” I can tell Andrew is smiling, as he gently sways us to the rhythm of Sinatra playing on the radio.

“We do.” Now I can’t help the smile tugging on my lips either.

“So… Do you think we could?”

“Oh, Andrew. You are incorrigible.” I grin at my husband of 30 years and turn to kiss him.

“I know. And that’s why you love me.” He winks. “So are we doing it?”

I try my best to hold back a huge grin as I nod. Hell yes! We are doing it. Taking off almost sprinting we run to the bedroom shedding our clothes on the way. I head for my closet and Andrew for his. We both arrive by the bed in our bathrobes faster than you can Jack Robinson.

I sit on my side of the bed, and Andrew sits on his. We share a kiss, and take our laptops from the bedside tables. I look at him and ask, “What do you want to play?”

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