Mindless babble

It’s been a strange week. I don’t even know why it’s been strange, it just has. Working without email for four(ish) days has set the mood. On the positive side, there’s less work thanks to the email blackout, but but… I don’t actually like calling places, and that’s what I’ve had to do. Calling people and actually printing stuff on paper. Hm. 20th century anyone? Aren’t we supposed to be in the 21st?

I’ve written some (like updated The Intern), but not much. Mostly I’ve been sparring with a few plot-bunnies for my (numerous) WIPs. I know, I should just get the stories finished. Especially Sunsets, which is the first story I’ve ever written. It’s fanfiction in case you hadn’t figured that out yet. It only has a few chapters unwritten, and I’ve been avoiding writing it for ages. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to finish it? I have the plot outlined, so I don’t even have a problem figuring out what will happen, just with writing it.

Come to think of it, I have difficulties finishing a lot of stuff. Diets, knitting, cleaning… I could go on.

So to make procrastination even worse easier I’ve started playing Candy Crush on FB. I really, really need to deny myself all games like that. I’ll never get anything done, for crying out loud. If you are on my friend list, I apologize for the requests I’ve sent lately. I always used to frown upon game requests, and now I’m the one sending them.

One of the better strange things about this week is the fact that yesterday someone posted the Fifty Shades of Grey film on YouTube. I managed to watch it before it was taken down (I won’t post the link, because it’s not there anymore). I have to say, I enjoyed the film much more in the privacy of my own home than at the cinema.

So, now I’ve seen it four times. Yes, I’ve definitely done my share for the box office numbers. I would’ve gone again, but my husband said enough is enough. So, then I pre-ordered the DVD. I know, I’m obsessed. Have I ever claimed not to be? As for the DVD, like with all good things, I have to wait for months for it to be on sale here. I don’t understand why the release date can’t be the same as in the states? That irritates me, almost as much like the fact that the Grey intern app only gives goodies to people living in the US. Hello Universal?! You do know that the fandom has a huge fan base that’s spread all over the globe, right? Talk about first world problems, right! Sheesh.


World wide web exhaustion

It’s been a while, how have you been? Here life is moving on with such speed that I barely manage to hang on. It’s been a week and I haven’t written anything, I apologize for my readers, but with these stress levels I need to sleep at night (instead of writing)…

Work is busy, it has been a rough year, and my resposibilies are broadening all the time. I just wish it’d reflect on the salary, but that’s very unlikely.

Outside work, life is hectic and I’m counting days to when we get the keys to the new apartment. Or, should I say the bank’s apartment… Anyway, the process has started, and now there’s two months time to go through stuff. I swear I will not carry unnecessary junk to the new place. Show your hand if you believe it? Yeah… Didn’t think so, I even doubt it myself. Ask me again in two months, I’ll probably be shoving everything into boxes and cursing about the amount of crap we have.

Do you know that feeling when everything online is boring, that there’s nothing interesting to do. It’s strange, usually there’s always something to do, especially when you are supposed to be doing something else. You know the art of procrastination and all. But for some reason at the moment I’m totally bored with all things online. I want shut all machines, plant myself in the corner of the couch with a book (preferably a paperback) and tell the world to f£&k off and leave me alone. At the same time I seriously doubt that anyone would even notice if I just disappeared into that black hole of offline.

So that is all for now, since my writing is not flowing and all thoughts basically slipping from my reach… (ok, the icehockey game from Sochi is not helping to concentrate either.)