Daily Prompt: Clumsy

via Daily Prompt: Clumsy

You know that feeling, right? The one, in where you feel like every set of eyes in the room are on you, as you stumble and trip, landing on your hands and knees, sending your coffee flying in a magnificent arch, just to splash all over the polished sandstone floor. No? That never happened to you? Well, good for you, pal. Good. For. You.

That did however happen to me, this morning to be exact, on my first day of work. No biggie. It’s not like first impressions count or anything.

As I picked up the shattered pieces of my pride, a set of designer shoes with Armani slacks stepped into my line of vision. I didn’t want to look at the face of the person attached to those shoes. I really didn’t. But it’s not like I had a choice. He held out his hand, and offered to help me up. What was I going to do? Say no thanks, Mr. Guy-in-Armani? Need I remind you I was on my knees in a pencil skirt in the middle of the in-company cafeteria, and all what was left of my dignity was about to be mopped up with the much needed boost of caffeine I wasn’t going to get.

So, I took his outstretched hand, and let him help me up. Alas, I had to thank him, and for that I needed to look at him. Yup. Big mistake. Big. Huge even. I’m serious. I’ve never seen a man like him in real life. I mean, holy macaroni, Batman. With wavy black hair combed back, a five o’clock shadow on his chin, and striking green eyes focusing on mine. I don’t dare to guess what he must’ve thought of me. Village idiot must be close, since it seems somewhere between tripping and falling, I also lost my ability to speak.

Eventually I managed to stutter a thank you. Mr. Green-eyed-stranger nodded, flashed me a smile that made me weak in the knees, and wished me a good first day at the office.

Holding my head high, I went back to the barista and ordered a new latte. While waiting for it, I realized, that apparently Mr. Armani-guy knew that it’s my first day here.

Note from me: Haven’t written in ages, so this just for trying to get my imagination going. I’m on sick leave today, so what else is there to do (besides binge watching stuff on Netflix) than to pick up the keyboard and trying my luck at writing. My muse has been very evasive so it’s not at all given that it’ll work…


World wide web exhaustion

It’s been a while, how have you been? Here life is moving on with such speed that I barely manage to hang on. It’s been a week and I haven’t written anything, I apologize for my readers, but with these stress levels I need to sleep at night (instead of writing)…

Work is busy, it has been a rough year, and my resposibilies are broadening all the time. I just wish it’d reflect on the salary, but that’s very unlikely.

Outside work, life is hectic and I’m counting days to when we get the keys to the new apartment. Or, should I say the bank’s apartment… Anyway, the process has started, and now there’s two months time to go through stuff. I swear I will not carry unnecessary junk to the new place. Show your hand if you believe it? Yeah… Didn’t think so, I even doubt it myself. Ask me again in two months, I’ll probably be shoving everything into boxes and cursing about the amount of crap we have.

Do you know that feeling when everything online is boring, that there’s nothing interesting to do. It’s strange, usually there’s always something to do, especially when you are supposed to be doing something else. You know the art of procrastination and all. But for some reason at the moment I’m totally bored with all things online. I want shut all machines, plant myself in the corner of the couch with a book (preferably a paperback) and tell the world to f£&k off and leave me alone. At the same time I seriously doubt that anyone would even notice if I just disappeared into that black hole of offline.

So that is all for now, since my writing is not flowing and all thoughts basically slipping from my reach… (ok, the icehockey game from Sochi is not helping to concentrate either.)