‘Tis the season…

…To be sick. Yup. Nothing jolly about a cactus stuck down your throat. But I’m fighting it. I’ve loaded up on vitamins C and D – and ibuprofen, now writing this as I’m waiting for my tea with honey to cool a bit.

So not to worry, I’ve got this covered!

Last year this time I was posting daily updates to a story. This year… Well nada, niente, zilch. The writing bug is still avoiding me like the plague. But hey, at least it’s not November anymore so I don’t have to worry about not taking part in NaNoWriMo. Yay. -__-

Keeping it short this time. Got tea to drink and a flu to beat.

Falalalala la la la laaa…..




No NaNoWriMo… Will I ever get there?

I’m trodging along in a sunless, dark existance… That’s basically the Finnish winter until the snow comes. When I say it’s dark, I mean, sunrise is after I’ve gone to work, and sunset is before I leave work. Sigh. This added to the fact that I’m basically exhausted because the autumn has been crazy busy. And my poor writings are gathering dust somewhere behind the million other things to do. I played with the idea of doing NaNoWriMo, but didn’t even try. What would’ve been the point? When I’m having a hard time getting 5k words in a month at the moment… Last year at this time 5k words per week was no issue, but I have no idea what the duck is going on now? My confidence as a writer has taken a nosedive with the lack of practise. I’ve sabotaged myself, I guess. I have atleast three WIPs, and they are all very far apart from each other. I should concentrate on one story and get it done, but then one of my worst qualities kicks in… Finishing stuff. It’s hard. It’s much easier to start things, and even to keep them going than to actually finishing. But the stress would become less if I’d get something done, right? Oh, man. I’ve got to get my head back on track. Make a gameplan. Finish one story first, then the second. Maybe write a one shot or two to get in to the zone. But before that, I think I’ll post my crazy Fifty Shades Halloween story over here too. If you have any ideas how to overcome winter depression, please leave a note. Stuffing myself with chocolate hasn’t worked.