Holy office lemon Batman!

So. 8 days into the new year, no weightloss (haven’t even tried – to be honest), but lots of positive thoughts and excitement. So far so good.  

I’m having serious issues with my writing – and blogging! – since 99% of my braincapacity is reserved for all things involved with possibly moving. I’m all worked up and we haven’t even gone to talk with the bank yet. Trying desperately not to get my hopes up too high, but at the same time I want to think positively.

ImageBut that’s enough about that.

I was writing Sunsets last night and laughed like a mad puppeteer – well not really, but inside my head – thinking about all the twists one could put into an office lemon (that’s sex at the office in case you are wondering). I don’t know if I’ll put too much excitement into it in the end. But come on, just think about it!

It’s lunchtime at GEH, is the door shut? Is the office soundproof? Will the leather couch make noises? Will someone walk in? Is the couch so uncomfortable that he gets a cramp – or better yet is she so wet that they both slide off the couch. Or is Ana so nervous that she won’t even come?! That would be a first! Has she ever not orgasmed? Maybe she has, but Christian never lets down the lady in distress – he always makes her come like a train, doesn’t he?

Rambling a bit? You think I should stop writing in the middle of the night? I do agree, but if I don’t write during the nights – then when?! Just give me an umpteenth cup of Joe and I’ll be fine.

Now I’m off to make my A and C puppets boink like bunnies – or not 😉

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