Going to the gym

So you're telling me there's a place called gym - where people pay to do hard work?Tomorrow will be a strange day. Or maybe not strange – but a bit out of the ordinary anyway. I’m supposed to go to the gym at the local mall. Not to work out though, or I might, but probably won’t. I’m basically going to claim the two free weeks of workouts that I got as a present from a lady at work. Let’s see if they lure me into buying a gym membership by the end of the two weeks. I would need it, well not the membership but the workouts. 

So if I don’t go to the gym, then I’m going to dance class late in the evening. I’m definitely feeling the Christmas break from the dance lessons. My shoulders are stuck – hence the headaches that have been bugging me. Oh, and besides – I look forward to my evening off bedtime duty with the kids. 

It’ll be one of those days where everything is scheduled by the minute – so that everyone get to where they are supposed to be on time, because besides my own appointments I’ve got the kids and their hobbies to sort out.

The holidays have made their impact not only on the shoulders but on my waist as well. God damn it, whoever invented Christmas chocolates should be punished- and I’m not talking about a flogging in the Red Room. I’m looking at the boxes of chocolates and punch myself for again failing to keep my fingers away from them. 


And on top of that I’m waiting to hear back from the bank – in the beginning of the week they said. Could you be a bit more vague? So even though the moving is still as far away as ever, I’ve started the purge. Going through stuff with a heavy hand – rubbish – recycle – charity. It’s all good right? Even if we will not move (and I’ll be bummed) at least the place will be tidier. I know there’s that six month rule; if you haven’t used it in the last six months – you don’t need it. But what if it’ll fit again? What if I lose x kg and can wear it again? I’m actually rolling my eyes at myself thinking of all the excuses for keeping some trousers, shirts, skirts that I could just get rid off. 

Maybe if I buy that gym membership those clothes will miraculously fit me again? Because you know, just purchasing the membership is bound to make you lose at least like what 5 kg? – Oh, what do you mean – I’d actually have to go there?!?! 

So if I got the membership and actually used it – I’d basically pay money to get to sweat and torture myself in front of other people? I’ve got masochistic tendencies but that’s taking it a bit far, don’t you think?

It’s still Sunday evening for a while – I think I’ll wait about 8 hours until I start complaining about it being Monday again. 

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