Not enough hours

Whatever - I'm late anywaysMy problem seems to be that the day doesn’t have enough hours in it. 24 are just not enough if I’m supposed to have time to sleep also.

So the flu season has arrived and yours truly has been a bit under the weather for the last week. And since Murphy’s law never fails I’ve been at work still not quite recovered, doing two persons’ jobs. I fear going back on Monday to find out how many mistakes I’ve made and how many things I’ve left undone.

Apartmentwise everything is in limbo. Although I’m not even sure if that’s the right expression. With 99% certainty we will move during the spring. That’s a bit Yay! But thinking about the amount of work it takes to move… Meh. I’m just going with the thought that it ain’t over until the fat lady sings, or in this case it ain’t over until we’re married with the bank.

On the writing side of life, there’s been much development. I’m reading, learning, pushing myself to write outside of my comfort zone. Maybe one day it will pay off and I’ll end up with a published story. If not, I can always post it here in the blogosphere. Or maybe I’ll look into that selfpublishing thing… haven’t quite decided yet.

I’d definitely like to have more time to write, especially now when it seems to be flowing. The flow has been directed mostly for my original piece. Sunsets has moved a notch forward, but haven’t had enough time to write it.

Oh well, here’s a little Sunsets snippet for you anyway:

The afternoon meetings are back to back, and surprisingly I manage to keep my mind off Ana’s ass. Is it because I don’t want to listen to any more smart-ass remarks from Ros, or because the meetings have actually been important and interesting, I haven’t figured out. All I know is that it’s almost six o’clock when I look at my phone and realize that I haven’t heard anything from Ana since she left.

I decide to call her, since I still have a few loose ends to tie up at the office. After about 15 rings, and no answer, I close the phone. Huh.

Maybe she went to the shelter anyway, if she’s painting she will not be answering. But didn’t she say she won’t be going back tonight?

I press the speed dial for Taylor. “Hello, sir” he answers in his usual way.

“I tried calling Ana, but she’s not answering. Did she go back to the shelter?”

One thought on “Not enough hours

  1. As someone with a literary blog, I totally feel like this too! There’s never enough time, it seems, to write what we need. I think the best remedy for this issue is to just get up earlier and write first thing in the day.

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